How long can you use your Zirconium crown? How long does it last ?

Zirconium is one of the other applications of cosmetic dentistry. The materials used in this process look natural and have a natural tolerance to light. This application can be used on posterior and front teeth. The zirconium crown has a high tensile strength. It has advantages such as being aesthetic, compatible with fabrics, durable and natural looking. These benefits have helped it to be a common choice for people.

The lifespan of a zirconium crown is one of the most curious topics among patients. It is an alternative to other applications that contain metals inside. Zirconium crowns have an aesthetic appearance and they are healthy. Zirconium teeth, which have been used for many years without any problems, provide a functional tooth structure and create a far from artificial appearance. What is the lifespan of zirconium coating, is zirconium coating durable, how long does zirconium coating last, we have answered your questions in our article.

Lifespan of Zirconium Teeth – Is Zirconium Coating Durable?

People ask about the lifespan of zirconium crowns. The lifetime of the zirconium crown or the usage time of the zirconium teeth depends on the person. It is not possible to break Zirconium teeth for no reason. At the same time, crowns do not rot and can be used for many years without any problems if proper care is provided.


If zirconium teeth are not cared for, they can experience problems such as deterioration under the crown or melting of the crown. The success rate of zirconium dental crown depends on the patient’s attention to oral care. On the lifetime of the zirconium coating:

– Material

– Position (posterior tooth, anterior tooth)

– Number of teeth damaged during the preparation of a crown

– Bite strength

– Hygiene practices are effective factors

The only other factor that changes the life of a zirconium crown is in the dental laboratory. The techniques and skills used by dental technicians determine both the aesthetics and longevity of zirconium dental crowns. If the quality of the blocks used for zirconium is high, they will be used longer.

Take good care of zirconium veneers!

In order to use your zirconium coated teeth longer, you need to floss and use mouthwash. Especially in order to prolong the service life and service life of the zirconium coating, it is necessary to consult a doctor every 6 months and pay attention to general oral health.

You can contact your doctor to learn more about the Zirconium crown application process and more details. At the same time, you can have information on the prices of zirconia teeth and the techniques to be used. You can benefit from zirconium dental veneer applications whenever you want. It will look like your natural teeth.