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Smile desing You will get the smile you dream of!

smile design Smile design is part of the field of cosmetic dentistry. It is becoming more and more popular due to the increasing aesthetic concerns of our times. It is made to give each person a special and ideal smile. With smile aesthetics, a smile shape that suits the person’s facial features, gender, lip shape and expectations is revealed.

It is especially preferred by artists, theater actors, actors, managers, lecturers, teachers, sales and marketing specialists, public relations and HR employees. The design of the smile aims to proportion the alignment of the teeth of the person to the face and to bring the dental tissue and health to the ideal level.

While designing the smile, applications such as zircon crowns, bonding, whitening, gum operations, bridges, tooth length adjustment and lip shaping are also used.

It is a good choice for people who want to make a meaningful first impression, get rid of aesthetic concerns, take precautions for gum-related issues, and smile freely the way they want. Orthodontists can design teeth suitable for all ages, genders and oral structures with computer-aided programs. The person’s satisfaction with their own appearance is the biggest goal of smile design.

How does Smile Design work?

How does Smile Design work? Processing steps

There are different smile design options for our customers. The list includes a sexy smile, an intellectual smile, and a sporty smile. The final result will depend on the type of smile chosen.

During the design of the smile, intraoral and external images of the person are obtained with special cameras and teeth. Then measurements are taken.

When performing smile aesthetics, the aesthetics of the area formed by the teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the area formed by the gums (pink aesthetics) are evaluated. A decision is made on the necessary alignment of the teeth. Tooth and bone levels are examined clinically and radiographically.

The levels of the gums to be achieved in aesthetic pink are adjusted. Using the laser, the gums are brought to the determined level. If an advanced arrangement is required, a hard tissue or a combination laser device is used. In white aesthetics, the smile design is achieved using porcelain laminates.

Dental designs are prepared and molds are converted into permanent teeth in the laboratory. Within 7 to 10 days, the aesthetic porcelains adhere permanently. The number of sessions will vary depending on the patient’s treatment plan. The expectations of the person are important when designing a smile. You can get detailed information on how to create a smile from your doctor.

smile design

Benefits of Smile Design treatment

The patient gets healthy and natural teeth with this treatment. Other than that, they will get rid of all their aesthetic concerns. With this treatment, it is possible to smile with self-confidence, to obtain a better dental visual appearance and to have a balanced tooth color.

The Smile Design treatment is planned individually for each person. For this reason, the price of the operation will vary according to the needs of each person. Porcelain veneers, dental fillings and extensions, tooth filing or other aesthetic applications will change the overall price of the operation. It will be the best choice for you to ask your doctor about the prices and all the conditions of the operation.,” concluded Mohsin.