Success Stories

How does your life change with fixed orthodontics treatment?

Fixed orthodontics treatment is the most effective method in removing tooth crowding. After the permanent teeth are formed, it is applied from the age of 11-12 with dental brackets and dental braces that are only attached and removed by the dentist.


If you want to get rid of your crowded teeth complaints, have a healthy jaw structure, obtain a natural smile and self-confidence, meet with orthodontics!

A wonderful smile and healthy dentition are no longer a dream by the application of orthodontic treatments for preventive purposes in children starting from the period when baby teeth begin to erupt, and for functional losses and aesthetic concerns in adults!

Orthodontic treatments that can be applied at any age bring your teeth to their ideal alignment and make you smile freely! Meet our orthodontics applications now …

Specialists warn! If crowded teeth are not treated at an early age, they can cause loss of chewing, speech and respiratory functions!