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How is smile design applied in Cliniqa

Smile design: which is in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, has become a demanding dentistry service, especially with increasing aesthetic concerns in recent years. With the smile aesthetics made to give each person a special and ideal smile, a smile form suitable for the person’s facial features, gender, lip shape and expectations is revealed.

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How Is Smile Design Applied? Treatment Stages

If we answer to your question of how is a smile design applied, we can say that the design changes according to the preference made among the smile design types, intellectual smile and sporty smile.

While making smile design, images of the inside and outside of the mouth are obtained with special photographic devices and dental measurements are taken. While making smile design, the aesthetics of the area created by the teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the area created by the gingiva (pink aesthetics) are evaluated. The alignment of the teeth is decided. Teeth and bone levels are examined clinically and radiographically.

The levels of the gingiva to be made pink aesthetic are adjusted. The gingiva is taken to the determined level using laser. If an advanced arrangement is required, hard tissue or a combined laser device is used. In white aesthetics, a smile design is performed using porcelain dental laminates. Dental designs are prepared and custom tray is transformed into permanent teeth in the laboratory. Within 7-10 days, aesthetic dental porcelains are permanently bonded. The number of sessions will change according to the patient’s treatment plan. While making a smile design, patient’s expectations are important.


Advantages of Treatment

With the smile design, the aesthetic concerns of the person are completely eliminated as well as the healthy and natural teeth. It is possible to smile more comfortably and confidently, to gain the normal appearance of the gingiva, to balance the colour of the teeth, to eliminate jaw problems, to break and caries of the teeth with smile design.

Since smile design is a personalized process, the prices for a clear smile design will also be different for each person. The fact that the dental veneers are porcelain, dental filling and tooth extensions, dental filling or other aesthetic applications will also affect the price of smile design. It will be better to contact your dentist to get detailed information and start your treatment.